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Why a Professional Painting Company is Cheaper

You have finally decided to tackle that long overdue paint job. You have even poured over dozens of swatches to find just the right color palette. Like many homeowners, you may consider hiring an amateur painter to save money. Before you hire your next door neighbor’s teenage son, you should consider the following reasons why a professional painting company can save you money in the end.

Painting is a Skill:
Painting involves far more than grabbing a can of paint and a roller. A quality paint job requires the proper preparation of the area, the right tools, and the right type of paint for the job. An amateur rarely has that kind of knowledge. Not only will a poorly executed paint job leave you feeling frustrated, but it can also lower the value of your home. A professional painting company will have experience dealing with a wide range of surfaces. A quality painting contractor will be able to recommend the right prep and paint for your home. They will also have all the necessary equipment, which is often too costly for the amateur.

Painting Takes Time:
A professional looking paint job requires patience and time. An amateur painter rarely has the same level of commitment to a job as a professional painting company. An amateur can get pulled away in the middle of a project by their day job or other responsibilities. A professional will be there until the job is completed.

Painting Can Be Dangerous:
Painting can be a dangerous undertaking. Statistics show that most ladder accidents are from ladders ranging from 2’ to 6’ high. Hiring an amateur could result in significant hassle and expense in the event of an injury. A professional painting company will have the training and equipment to handle the job in the safest manner possible.

Guaranteed Work:
If you hire an amateur and something goes wrong with the job, you have little recourse. You will most likely be responsible for the expense of hiring another painter to fix the mistakes. A professional painting company will be insured and guarantee their work.

A quality, professional-looking paint job is far more than a weekend DIY project. Cutting corners can compromise the entire project and even impact the value of your home. Entrusting the job to a professional will ensure you have a beautiful, long-lasting paint job that you can be proud of for years to come.

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